Get to know Allrisk Car Insurance and its Recommendations

Get to know Allrisk Car Insurance and its Recommendations – Have you ever heard the word Car Insurance? Yups, car insurance is one type of insurance that provides protection for car vehicles.

This protection includes protection against damage, loss, theft, and other risks. In car insurance, there are terms allrisk car insurance and TLO car insurance. What do these terms mean and what are the differences?

Get to know Allrisk Car Insurance

Allrisk Car Insurance is an insurance product for car vehicles with full protection. Allrisk car insurance protection provides full benefits against the risk of accidents, damage, loss, natural disasters, and other risks.

The allrisk car insurance product covers repair costs, full compensation, towing costs to a repair shop, as well as other benefits contained in the insurance policy.

The difference between Asura n the Allrisk and TLO

Then, is there a difference between allrisk car insurance and TLO car insurance? The answer is of course different .

Allrisk car insurance provides full coverage or protection with a variety of comprehensive benefits . Meanwhile, TLO (Total Loss Only) car insurance provides partial protection from losses due to risks that occur or provides benefits that are not as much as allrisk car insurance .

An example of the difference between allrisk car insurance and TLO car insurance is when a car is stolen. In all-risk insurance, usually the insurance company will provide compensation in the form of a new car or other compensation in accordance with the provisions in the policy.

Whereas in TLO car insurance, the cost of compensation for the car is 75% or part of the loss incurred.

The Best Allrisk Car Insurance Recommendations

Sinar Mas Car Insurance

Sinar Mas insurance offers all-risk car insurance with full coverage benefits . For all risk car insurance, Sinar Mas provides protection against the risk of theft, accidents that cause collisions, overturning, slipping, and collisions, as well as the risk of fire and lightning strikes. In addition, Sinar Mas car insurance also provides third party guarantees.

Allianz . Car Insurance

Allianz car insurance provides insurance products with comprehensive services. The benefits offered include protection against vehicle theft, 24-hour emergency assistance, protection against flooding or water hammer, and taxi accommodation.

Another advantage is the large network of workshop partners, as well as Allianzcare services which are always available 24/7. Allianz also provides third party legal liability.

ACA Car Insurance

Next, ACA Car insurance which offers various excellent facilities for car protection. ACA's car insurance products include Otomate, Otomate Smart, and Otomate Solitaire products. In the automate policy, there is a replacement car facility if the car has an accident and has been repaired for more than 48 hours.

Adira Autocillin (Zurich)

The next allrisk car insurance comes from Adira insurance. Through the Adira Autocillin product, Adira offers online insurance claim services to make it easier for its customers.

The condition for using allrisk car insurance is that the vehicle is not more than 8 years old. The advantage of this insurance is that it has more than 300 workshop partners.

AXA Mandiri Car Insurance

Asuransi AXA Mandiri offers TLO car insurance and allrisk car insurance products. The condition for using this insurance product is that the car must not be more than 12 years old.

The benefits of AXA Mandiri allrisk car insurance are in the form of towing services, replacement of lost car vehicles, third party legal liability, and replacement of lost car keys according to the policy provisions.


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